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The Shore at Leith

The DI Mel Cooper Series

She takes no crap, not even from the bad guys

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Introducing DI Mel Cooper #1

Betrayal. Leads to consequences. Deadly consequences.

Ross McKinlay’s wife, Carla, goes missing. Vanishes during a seemingly ordinary shopping trip to an Edinburgh supermarket. And doesn’t ever return home.


Ross is devastated, heartbroken, confused. He hasn’t a clue what’s happened to her or why she left him, and his life begins to unravel: fast.

Then a mysterious stranger approaches Ross and explains that Carla had been deceiving him all along. This changes things, and Ross swears he’ll hunt her down. But he doesn’t know he’s not the only one who’s hot on Carla’s trail.


The question is: who will find her first? Her husband? Or a hired killer?


Set in Edinburgh, Prague and England's Southern Counties.


DI Mel Cooper Series #2

You know they are guilty. So, how far would you go to make sure they suffer?


Edinburgh detective Mel Cooper is mystified by six strange cases, where six disastrous events destroy the lives of six individuals and their families.
In parallel, Mel is investigating a particularly nasty serial blackmailer, who kidnaps a vulnerable young woman in a desperate attempt to evade capture.

Meanwhile, two unrelated people are monitoring Mel’s progress closely. One has been manipulating Mel throughout, while the other waits - certain they will eventually be caught.

But as Mel edges nearer to linking the two cases, her bosses order her to back off.

Why are they interfering with her investigations?
Who are they trying to protect?
And how far are they prepared to go to stop her?

Set in and around Leith - the port for Edinburgh.

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DI Mel Cooper Series #3

You kill your wife. You get away with it. So why isn’t that enough?

In the 21st century, is the perfect murder remotely possible?

Edwin Fuller is convinced it is. He’s cunning, calculating, and chilling. He makes a plan.

He carries it out. He kills his wife.

Fuller’s plan has worked; he’s got away with murder. Case closed.

Until he makes his big mistake, placing him right back in Mel’s sights.

Set in and around Leith - the port for Edinburgh.


DI Mel Cooper Series #4

Living in the present. Paying for the past.

In 1966, a grandfather was bludgeoned to death, his body dumped in Leith Docks. No suspects, no witnesses, and forensic evidence was scarcer than rocking horse shit. 

The killer was never caught. Case closed. 

In 2023, a young woman (19) is abducted. DI Mel Cooper listens with disbelief as the kidnapper states his demands. “Reopen the case. Solve my grandfather’s murder. And meet my deadline – 48 hours. If you fail, she dies". 

Once he sets events in motion, this petrified young woman sees precisely how and when she will die – and it will be both barbaric and inhumane.

Set in and around Leith - the port for Edinburgh.

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Due out in 2024

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